Those aren't medals, they're beads



Considering everything else that’s made in China, it’s only fitting that it’s making history with the upcoming Olympiad.


Filmmakers Ashley Sabin and David Redmon traced Mardi Gras to China. Or rather to a Chinese factory. Their film Mardi Gras: Made in China chronicled that economic link. It’s available on DVD as of this week.


The two created Carnivalesque Films to distribute their own movies as well as documentaries and fictional works by others. They have a deal with Warner Bros. that means their films will be available through both and Netflix and other rental companies. (The prices on their Web site are for college libraries – a new consumer site is under construction).


Originally from Brooklyn, Sabin and Redmon are sometime New Orleanians, though they currently live in Missouri where they are working on a new film. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, they came to back to the city to make Camp Katrina about an enclave of volunteers that were living together in the Bywater.


Included among planned future releases is Low and Behold (reviewed here, scroll down), a film about an insurance adjuster in post-flood New Orleans. 

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