Lee Zurik Just Doesn't Listen



It was only last week that Mayor Nagin emphatically told  Zurik, Karen Gadbois and Sarah Lewis that they were hurting the recovery and “(they) needed to stop.” Nagin was referring to the story Zurik did about New Orleans Affordable Homeownership concerning homes the agency allegedly remediated for the elderly and low income.  The story originated from an investigation by Squandered Heritage  and WeCouldBeFamous  (I don’t believe it, E).

     Now, Zurik has the audacity to produce another report about the “right list” that Nagin referred to in the press conference when he blasted the bloggers and Zurik.

     When is it going to stop, Zurik? If you and these meddling bloggers keep it up, someone might end up going to jail. And if this continues, how will E over at WeCouldBeFamous keep up with the kitschy titles? 

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