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Blakeview: The Poydras Market

The outdoor market closed in 1932



For much of Poydras Street's history, a two-block area of the thoroughfare was home to an outdoor market. The Poydras Market existed from 1838 until 1932 and was one of many outdoor markets operating in the city during that time. It was situated on Poydras between Penn and South Rampart streets, on land acquired by the city from the Carrollton Railroad Company. According to geographer and historian Richard Campanella, who described the market in an article for Preservation in Print, the market featured hundreds of open stalls located "under a pavilion-like roof with a picturesque wooden cupola. The gables of the structure were finished in ornate detailing, and a passageway beneath the cupola allowed mule-drawn drayage and (later) streetcars to move beneath the structure." By 1911, Campanella says, the city boasted the highest per capita number of public markets in the nation. Over the years, shopping patterns changed and corner stores and supermarkets became popular. The Poydras Market closed in the 1930s. The Poydras Street and Central Business District we know today would develop in the 1960s and 1970s, with the construction of the Superdome and other downtown office buildings.

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