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Blakeview: Pelican Stadium


This week marks a milestone in local sports ­— the 100th anniversary of the opening of Pelican Stadium, home to baseball in New Orleans from 1915 to 1957. The stadium had its roots in a ballpark called Heinemann Park, located across from Jesuit High School on South Carrollton Avenue and Banks Street.

  In 1915, the park's wooden grandstand was disassembled and moved by mules to the corner of South Carrollton and Tulane avenues. It reopened on April 13, 1915. Until 1938, it was known as Heinemann Park, named after Pelicans owner A.J. Heinemann. The stadium hosted games for the minor league New Orleans Pelicans (baseball, not basketball) team, which was established in 1887.

  The Pelicans played their last game in Mid-City on Sept. 1, 1957. The ballpark was demolished soon after, and the Pelicans disbanded within two years. The Fontainebleau Motor Hotel was built on the site. It later became a self-storage facility and home to other businesses, and is now the headquarters of the Tipitina's Foundation.

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