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Blakeview: McKenzie’s Bakery


This week, as we mark Twelfth Night (Jan. 6), we also celebrate the kickoff of king cake season. For nearly 80 years, one bakery's name was synonymous with the Carnival pastry: McKenzie's. The chain descended from a bakery founded in the 1920s by Daniel Entringer, whose chief baker and eventual partner was Henry McKenzie. Though the latter's name is the one known by generations of New Orleanians, the Entringer family owned the business. Their original store on Prytania Street is now The Creole Creamery, with neon lights outside still bearing the McKenzie's name. At its height, the McKenzie's chain had 50 stores across the region, which helped it become a top seller of king cakes. Owner Donald Entringer Sr., son of the bakery's founder, introduced the plastic king cake baby, now commonplace in king cakes of all varieties. After McKenzie's closed in 2000, the Tastee Donuts chain purchased the recipes for many of McKenzie's popular products (including king cakes and buttermilk drops) and sells them at its local locations.

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