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Blakeview: Jimmy Fitzmorris

This week, we pay tribute to one of the great gentlemen of Louisiana politics, Jimmy Fitzmorris, who turns 95 years old Nov. 15. The New Orleans native, whose political career began as a city councilman in the 1950s, is best known for redefining the office of lieutenant governor during his two terms at its helm. Fitz, as he is known, was the first full-time lieutenant governor in state history and was elected to his first term in 1971. He helped redefine the duties of the office, in particular as a promoter of economic development and the state's burgeoning tourism industry. Fitzmorris also is known for his political losses, including to Moon Landrieu in the 1969 New Orleans mayor's race and a nail-biting third-place finish behind Republican Dave Treen and fellow Democrat Louis Lambert in the 1979 gubernatorial primary. Though he left elective office decades ago, Fitzmorris remains a politician at heart, quick with a handshake and a hello, and respected for his decades of public service.

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