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Blakeview: Antoine's


Founded in 1840, Antoine's is the oldest restaurant in New Orleans and one of the oldest in America. It's featured in a new book as one of Ten Restaurants That Changed America (Libertine Publishing). Author Paul Freedman explains the culinary history of Antoine Alciatore's establishment and its impact on cuisine nationwide. Three classic oyster dishes created by the restaurant are known across the country. Oysters Rockefeller is the most famous, invented by Antoine's son Jules Alciatore and first served in 1899. It was so rich in flavor, it was named for the richest man in America at that time, John D. Rockefeller. Its recipe is a closely guarded secret. Antoine's also says it invented Oysters Bienville in the 1930s, though Arnaud's popularized the dish. Named for the city's founder, it consists of oysters broiled in their shells with a bechamel, pimiento and cheese sauce. Last is Oysters Foch, also invented by Antoine's and featuring fried oysters in a brown sauce served on toast slathered with pate. It is named for Marshal Ferdinand Foch, the French World War I general, who once visited Antoine's.

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