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Blakeview: Al Scramuzza


As we near the peak of crawfish season, we pay tribute to the man many call the Crawfish King — Al Scramuzza — whose first foray into the crawfish business came 65 years ago. Scramuzza opened his first seafood business in 1950 and named it Broadview Seafood and Produce. He recalls that in 1951, a truck farmer sold him a few sacks of crawfish, which at that time rarely were seen or eaten outside Cajun country. Customers soon scooped up the crawfish and Scramuzza's business grew, partly due to his marketing acumen. In 1961, he leased part of a building at 1826 N. Broad St. to open a new business called Seafood City. In the 1970s, his comical and campy TV commercials, in which he wrote and starred, saturated local airwaves. They always included the jingle he wrote: "Seafood City is very pretty. Down at Broad and St. Bernard. Stay with Al Scramuzza and you'll never be a looza. 1826 North Broad!" (He ran for office a few times with a variant of that jingle — "Vote for Scramuzza and you'll never be a looza!") Scramuzza closed the business in 1993 but now sells his blend of crawfish boil spices in local supermarkets.

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