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Blackpool Lights


The Kansas City, Mo., band, the Get Up Kids, formed during the mid-90s wave of listenable pop-punk that predated the now-ubiquitous use of the word 'emo,' stuck together through ten years and a sonic turn toward folk-rock before splitting up in 2005. Frontman and guitarist Jim Suptic's new project, Blackpool Lights, is a return to that friendly, confessional indie-pop attitude that sounds like a snotty '80s hardcore band calmed down and got introspective. It's sweet, fun, catchy power-pop that, except for the de rigeur nasal, teenage vocals (and where would punk rock be without that?) holds itself head, shoulders and secondhand cardigan sweater above the recent crop of emo navel-gazers. Their June release, This Town's Disaster (Curb Appeal) was recorded while drummer Billy Brimblecom was undergoing chemotherapy and eventually an amputation of his lower leg; now that's hardcore. House of Heroes and Lydia open. Tickets $10. -- Alison Fensterstock

9 p.m. Wed., July 26

House of Blues, The Parish, 225 Decatur St., 310-4999;


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