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Black Tusk


Squint at the Savannah shenanigans in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and New Orleanians get the distinct impression of home. The musical analog lies in the tourist towns' hard-rock cachets: Cup an ear toward coastal Georgia's swamp-metal waders and even longtime NOLA expats will miss their go-cups and Eyehategods a little less. Savannah can't match New Orleans for heavy metal heritage — outside Scandinavia, few cities can — but the oppressive climates, relative isolation and undeniable crazy of both has bred some of the most thrillingly skin-peeling American music of the past three decades. We have Phil Anselmo's Housecore imprint; they have Hyperrealist, launching pad for the thickly lysergic Kylesa, the gothically melodic Baroness and the unyielding power trio Black Tusk, whose fourth blowtorched LP, October release Set the Dial (Relapse), fuses the throat-throttled fury of hardcore punk, the quicksilver riffs of speed metal and the seismic, queasy low end of stoner rock. It's like three ass-kickings for the price of one. Kyng and MonstrO open. Call for ticket information. — Noah Bonaparte Pais

Dec. 12

Black Tusk

10 p.m. Monday

Siberia, 2227 St. Claude Ave., 265-8855

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