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Bill Cassidy dialed voters for Scott Brown


  As voters in Massachusetts went to the polls last week to elect a new U.S. senator, some folks in Baton Rouge hit the phones to influence the outcome. Red Stick Congressman Bill Cassidy spent the preceding weekend rounding up troops for a phone bank to support fellow Republican Scott Brown, who pulled off an upset against Democrat Martha Coakley to claim the seat formerly held by the late Ted Kennedy. Cassidy says his support of Brown was more than just politics; it's also likely to impact the future of health care reform. Brown's victory essentially breaks the Democrats' filibuster-proof hold on the Senate. Now the rush is on to get Brown seated. "He will be the deciding vote to stop a government takeover of health care and give us a chance to pass real reform that will actually lower costs and strengthen our health care system," Cassidy says. Cassidy also put his money where his mouth was, donating $1,000 to Brown's campaign — something Cassidy asked all his supporters to mimic in a pre-election email blast. — Jeremy Alford

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