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Big Easy Roller Girls


Forget Reggie Bush -- until he takes off all of the extra pads and learns to skate. For fast, rough-and-tumble action, head to Mardi Gras World for the Big Easy Roller Girls' season opener. Something like NASCAR meets Betty Page, the sport of roller derby features two teams skating around a circular track while a designated "jammer" tries to score points by passing opposing team members. New Orleans' roller girls had to wait a year while reorganizing after Katrina, but now they are ready to roll. Since 2000, flat-track roller derby leagues and teams have cropped up from Los Angeles to Boston, and the Big Easy girls are members of the national association ( The sport evolved from a 1930s version, in which the sport was more of a marathon race. But as roller jams and bumping and pushing became more entertaining, organizers decided to make that part of the game. Roller derby evolved into an over-the-top rolling girlfight by the 1970s, especially popular on the West Coast. This is a back-to-basics full-contact sport -- with rock music and clever names. Tickets $15 at the door, $12 advance. -- Will Coviello

7 p.m. Sat., Sept. 16

Mardi Gras World, 233 Newton St., Algiers;


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