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Big Boi headlines the Joy Theater May 19

Outkast's earthbound ATLien returns to New Orleans



You can tell a lot about a hip-hop act by how they shake it. Kane & Abel? Like a dog. Ying Yang Twins? Like a salt shaker. For the erstwhile rivals in OutKast — that teen-dream collision of all-universe talents Andre Benjamin (aka Andre 3000) and Antwan Patton (aka Big Boi, Daddy Fat Sax, Sir Lucious Left Foot [double aka The Son of Chico Dusty], General Patton, Hot Tub Tony, Mr. Pickles, et al.) — it once was like a Polaroid picture, advice we all recognized as questionable but imitated just the same. The instructions were inescapable: "Hey Ya!" dominated from its release in late 2003 through the Mardi Gras marching bands of 2004, and no one dared let it go; Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, its trial-separation parent album, was pretty clearly the last huzzah from the best rap duo of its generation. (We're excluding Idlewild and the dozens of collective cameos since, all of which only whetted the appetite for one more elevator ride.) Solace is offered by the solo career of Big Boi, whose three albums under his own name(s) flaunt the delightfully eclectic side of an MC some considered the earthbound Abbott to Andre's ATLien Costello. The first (and still best), 2010's pseudo-eponymous Sir Lucious Left Foot (The Son of Chico Dusty), stands with Aquemini and Stankonia and offers an alternate way to shake it (like a tambourine, duh). But it features only a token Andre 3000 credit, for production on "You Ain't No DJ" — a dare that, eight years later, remains unanswered. Tickets $27.50-$35. At 9 p.m. Saturday. The Joy Theater, 1200 Canal St., (504) 528-9569;

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