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"Audacity of Dope"
  • "Audacity of Dope"

Our readers couldn't resist giving smart-ass answers to some of our queries — particularly those relating to a certain former mayor.

  We admit to teeing it up for some of our readers in this year's Best of New Orleans® survey, especially when we asked questions about local politics and politicos.

  For example, when we asked folks to name the Best Lawmaker, one responded, "Doesn't exist."

  And when we asked for the Best Jefferson Parish Council member, a reader answered, "Pick one not under indictment."

  But even we were surprised at the number — and intensity — of the cynical (and hilarious) answers to our request for the Best Sequel to Ray Nagin's Memoir. We confess: It was pretty much the journalistic equivalent of hunting a baited field.

  Here are some of the more outrageous replies:

  • 1,001 New Uses for Books That Don't Sell

  • A liar's Lament

  • A-hole on a Hot Tin Roof

  • ... And Then I Woke Up

  • Attn: Village Missing Idiot ...

  • Audacity of Dope

  • "But, but, he was doing so well before the storm!"

  • Chicken Soup for the Heartless Soul

  • Chocolate City and other Katrina Recipes

  • Chocolate like Me

  • Chocolate Prison

  • Come Hell or High Water

  • Dummy's Guide to Disaster Consulting

  • Escape from Alcatraz, Part II

  • Everybody Poops

  • Gone With the Wind II

  • I Did It My Way

  • I Lied

  • If I Really Showed Up to Work

  • The Jeffersons: Movin' on Down

  • Let Me Tell You More About My Post-Katrina Bowel Movements: A Love Story

  • Lies and Whispers

  • Mad Man

  • Megalomania: A How-To Guide

  • Melted Chocolate

  • Oops I Did It Again

  • Ray Nagin — Unplugged

  • Yes, I'm as Dumb as a Box of Rocks

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Best Answers That Didn't Win

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