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Belong, with Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti

While much of the avant-garde is busy inverting Hobbit folk into ecstatic campfire exploration, New Orleans duo Belong is digging into the Kundalini engine that is a well-appointed guitar-effects rack. The oft-used comparisons are Vienna's Frennesz and composer William Basinski, but there is more meat on the bone in Belong's comet trail to the infinite, placing them between the aforementioned techno-Hendrices and the romantic, aching arcs of Godspeed You Black Emperor! The static and drone-infused tracks on Belong's debut release, October Language, slowly unfold out of a dying star, cascading like a celestial choir while still sounding raw and organic. And, sure, there is some My Bloody Valentine up in this mix, but Belong distills the pop song down even further to its crystalline base elements and sets contact mics on the crackling, spinning electrons. Cover $7. -- Alex V. Cook

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