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Brieux Carre Brewing Company to open in the Marigny by Mardi Gras 2017


Brieux Carre Brewing Company founder and brewer Robert Bostick signed a lease on a property at 2115 Decatur St. in late January and hopes to open a nanobrewery in time for Mardi Gras 2017. Brieux Carre will have a five-barrel brewhouse capacity.

  Bostick envisions the 1,100- square-foot property having space for customers inside and in a courtyard. He is the only employee, but he hopes to hire help when the brewery opens.

  Bostick expects to add new "all experimental" beers every few days, so customers always will have something new to try.

  "I tend to aim to hit in between (recognized) styles," he says.

  Bostick currently is interested in rum porters, noting that he brewed a vanilla rum porter for the 2015 NOLA On Tap beer festival. He also served a lemon grass wit beer and a more traditional ESB and a double IPA.

  "I'm gonna have a lot of weird beer," Bostick says, such as jalapeno-cilantro pale ale. He hopes his experimental beers will be well-received.

  "I've got a shoestring budget and a lot of hurdles to overcome to open by Mardi Gras next year," he says. "But I believe it's a realistic time frame."

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