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Old Rail Brewing Company and Gnarly Barley Brewing Company collaborate to brew Insidious Monk



Old Rail Brewing Company in Mandeville and Gnarly Barley Brewing Company in Hammond collaborated on Insidious Monk, a Belgian-style tripel. It was brewed at both breweries, and the Old Rail version, which was made first, will be released at the brewpub Dec. 18.

  The Gnarly Barley batch of Insidious Monk was brewed on a larger system, and kegs and bomber bottles will be released in January 2016. The beer is the second in Gnarly Barley's "Gnar" high-alcohol by volume (ABV) series — available in bottles and on draft. The first one, Imperial Korova, was released last month.

  Gnarly Barley brewer and owner Zac Caramonta says he and Old Rail brewer Matthew Horney deliberated on the style.

  "We didn't want to do anything gimmicky," Caramonta says. "We wanted to take a solid style and make the best possible version of it." They decided on the tripel because it seemed appropriate for winter weather with its high alcohol level.

  "The flavor experience is where we drew inspiration for the name 'Insidious,'" Horney says. "It's smooth, easily drinkable and inviting but has a hidden 8.5 ABV. It's very innocent yet deceptive." 

  The yeast propagated from the first batch was harvested and used in the second batch at Gnarly Barley. "I've never done anything like that before," Caramonta says.

  "The brew day at the Old Rail was such a great time," Horney says. "It was fun having them there to mill, mash in, track temperatures and just talk about our various methods and how we approach our processes. ... We ended the day with a few pints at the bar and more laughs."

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