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New home-brew club starts in Mid-City



  In 2011, neighbors and homebrewers Bert Swafford, Kevin Muggivan and Jeff Roland decided that "brewing by yourself sucks," Swafford says. "It's boring. Brewing together makes it fun — it's like the difference between playing solitaire on a Friday night and playing poker with your friends."

  Matthew Morgan and Devin Villegas joined them and, since all five hailed from the 400 block of Telemachus Street in Mid-City, they dubbed themselves "Far Fighter 400." The group is looking for more members. "It's about friends getting together and having a good time," Swafford says. The Far Fighter 400 club does not have set meetings, dues or an official mission statement, although its unofficial slogan is "More brewers, more beer, better world," according to Morgan.

  Earlier this month, the quintet introduced the club to potential recruits at Treo — owners Pauline and Stephen Patterson are supporters of the club, whose members are their neighbors and regulars at their other business, Finn McCool's.

  Although they don't take themselves or brewing too seriously, the trash talking among the five during their brewing sessions led to a competition to see who could back up their boasts in a blind tasting by their friends. They added a fundraising component, with the winner choosing which charity would get the money collected. Last year, the group raised and donated $500 to the LA/SPCA.

  The 2015 competition, scheduled for April 18, will be at Treo.

  For more information, check out Far Fighter 400's Facebook group. Future brew days will be announced there.

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