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Beer buzz: Broad Street Cider & Ale coming to Broad

The cider house is expected to open later this year



New Orleans' brewery and distillery scene is on the rise with four breweries set to open this spring and four distilleries opened this year. Now, another type of alcoholic beverage business is joining the mix: fermented cider.

  Broad Street Cider & Ale will open at 2723 S. Broad Ave. as early as this summer. Jon Moore and Diana Powell have spent the past year researching cider-making processes and techniques.

  The couple plans to make ciders using a variety of yeasts used in such brews as saison, hefeweizen and West Coast IPAs to influence the flavor of the base apple juice. The result will taste less sweet than typical fermented ciders. They also plan to dry hop and use other flavors, such as gin botanicals, in late stages of the process. They expect to make ciders with an alcohol by volume content of 6.5 to 7.5 percent. Ciders are good for a growing segment of the population that avoids gluten or wheat.

  The company will have a British-themed taproom and offer up to eight house-made ciders. There will be eight to 12 taps for beers. 

  Broad Street Cider & Ale has already received federal approval from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau and is scheduled on the City Planning Committee docket March 26, and will seek city council approval in late May. Moore and Powell hope to open this summer

Correction: In the March 14 Beer Buzz, Knickolas Turner was incorrectly identified as a co-founder of Spigots Brew Pub in Houma. He is the head brewer. Jacon Aucoin and Richard Gonsoulin are the founders.

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