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Tips for a well-groomed beard

Tips for grooming the ultimate symbol of masculinity



Aidan Gill's Tips For a Well-Groomed Beard:

• Trim stray hairs that cause you to look like an unkempt wild man.

• Sculpt your beard using a straight razor, which allows you to obtain that fresh-cut look while maintaining the manliness a beard represents.

• When trimming or shaving your neck, don't trim to the outline of your face. Trimming that close can make you look like you are sporting a cardboard cutout instead of the clean-cut look you were going for.

• Take your time shaving, and always add water to your shaving cream for a nice, smooth shave.

• Go with the "grain" when shaving to avoid cuts.

• Place a cold towel on your face after shaving to prevent ingrown hairs.

• After shaving, moisturize with facial lotion or aftershave to keep skin smooth.

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