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Baton Rouge Tea Party


  While some factions of the Tea Party movement have taken to endorsing candidates, the Baton Rouge Tea Party is working on a system that President Jennifer Madsen says will "very mathematically" rank candidates as well as elected officials. To build the foundation for this system, she says the Baton Rouge Tea Party, technically a political action committee, will poll its membership. "You'll end up with a percentage of how much they support key Tea Party issues," Madsen says.

  Pat Bergeron, a Baton Rouge consultant, says he expects other groups to follow suit. Bergeron, who operates, has also constructed as a hub of sorts for Louisiana-related Tea Party news. He says he isn't working for any particular group, but wanted to contribute something and be at the front end of what could be a revolutionary call to action. "I think we'll see exactly what this movement is made of in the coming election cycles," he says. "Next year, I think they're really going to focus on legislative races. I really see them jumping into that." — Jeremy Alford

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