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Barq’s loses bite: no booze for Uptown sandwich and ice cream shop



Hillary Barq, who is related to the founder of Barq's root beer, failed to convince the New Orleans City Planning Commission (CPC) to allow her ice cream and sandwich shop to sell package liquor. On June 14, Barq pitched her plans for her shop at 1302 Magazine St., which she envisions selling gourmet ice cream, sandwiches, gifts, wine and booze. The zoning change was contested by nearby residents and the Coliseum Neighborhood Association, which said Barq refused to sign a good neighbor agreement on limiting alcohol sales. (Barq said she trusts "the city of New Orleans more than a neighborhood association.") The CPC voted 5-4 against the zoning change. Barq can appeal the ruling to the New Orleans City Council.

  Barq owned the now-shuttered Sicilian restaurant Cibugnu (709 St. Charles Ave.), which she turned into an events venue named 709 (

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