Ballzack's Gretnese-to-English Dictionary


snuck (snuhk) n. a sucker punch " v., adv. that's why we say, 'You either snick or get snuck."

fludidew (floo-dee-do) interj. when people on the West Bank used to talk about fights in school, they'd make all these sound effects, and it would be all sing-songy: 'So your boy hit him, and it went like, "Ba-da-do-dum-bum, ba-doo.'" It just evolved to fludidew. " adv. when you get called out for something.

joke hold (johk hohld) n. when you've got someone laughing so hard, they're incapacitated. A crucial move in Pussy Defense School.

crustache (cruhs-tash) n. a prepubescent mustache on a teenage guy. Crustaches were big on the West Bank in the '80s on guys with mullets who listened to Judas Priest and wore fedoras with cutoff shorts. Sometimes known as a 'tony."

shybe (shibe) adj. old New Orleans slang meaning, 'Man, that's cool." I think it evolved from 'sharp," but I could be wrong.

Tickleville (tik-uhl-ville) n. from 'Spring Break '99." We were stuck at home with some other girls whose parents wouldn't let them go to Spring Break. So we stayed at their place. This one girl was so ticklish, we would tickle her until she peed.

Knucklefoot (nuhk-uhl-foot) n. we were working on this old concept album " a period rap album where all the samples would be organic, from country albums from the 1920s and '30s. The name of the town was Mudknuckle, and we had all these characters: Delilah Rudebaker was the hot girl in town, and Knucklefoot was the handyman. We never finished it, 'cause it was too epic. It was like Smile. (Bourgeois: 'We got one song into it.")

Mobo Joe (moh-boh joh) n. he put out a bunch of rap albums back in the day: Ruthless Juveniles, Ricky B, Cheeky Blakk. I met him once in Peaches Records. I was so excited: 'Oh my god, you have no idea!" He was like, 'Yeah, that's cool " you wanna buy my CD?"

Kennerish (ken-er-ish) adj. another way of saying 'nouveau riche." It doesn't really make sense; it just sounds ridiculous. We also call Kenner 'Chalmetairie." I suppose it's a way for West Bankers to not feel inferior. If you wear a beeper in a beeper holster, you are Kennerish.

limousine mouse (lim-uh-zeen mous) n. from Erik Kiesewetter, talking about ferrets.

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