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  After running afoul of city permitting this summer, Bacchanal (600 Poland Ave., 948-9111; is starting to get back in its old rhythm. Last week, chef Joaquin Rodas resumed cooking at the Bywater wine shop, albeit in a somewhat different format.

  For now, he's cooking his wide-ranging cuisine from the Brazilian BBQ truck, which Bacchanal is borrowing as a temporary kitchen parked just outside the shop. He serves from the truck Wednesday through Sunday, beginning around 6:30 p.m. Bacchanal proprietor Chris Rudge says he's about to start work on a new indoor kitchen intended to meet city code requirements and to allow Bacchanal to get back to regular food service.

  Since opening in 2002, Bacchanal had changed from a neighborhood wine shop into a wine shop with inventive menus prepared and served outdoors, along with a regular music calendar. But permits and licensing did not match the shop's evolving identity, and in late August city officials shut down the place.

  Rudge reports progress on restoring music to the Bacchanal equation. He's working with City Councilwoman Kristin Gisleson Palmer's office on a zoning issue to address outdoor music of the sort Bacchanal previously hosted. If all goes well music could be back by November.

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