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Baby Trending: Top-selling and must-have items for your baby

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We're in the heaviest birthing months of the year — the National Center for Health Statistics reports that September, August, June and July (in that order) are when the most babies are born in America — so we asked some baby retailers for their "must-have" recommendations and top-selling items. Here they are, whether you want them for yourself or a friend's baby shower.

Angelique Baby (5519 Magazine St., 504-899-8992; www.facebook.com/angeliquebaby) | Baby Bump Maternity (2917 Magazine St., Suite 102, 504-304-2737; www.nolababybump.com) | Magic Box (5508 Magazine St., 504-899-0117; www.magicboxneworleans.com) | Pippen Lane (2930 Magazine St., 504-269-0106; www.pippenlane.com) | Swap for Kids (7722 Maple St., 504-218-5996; www.swapforkids.com) | Zuka Baby (2122 Magazine St., 504-596-6540; www.zukababy.com)

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