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Baauer shakes it off with A-Trak and Mannie Fresh

The EDM producer performs at Metropolitan Nov. 24



Harry Rodrigues, the once-wunderkind, now-entrenched DJ/producer better known as Baauer, summed up many people's thoughts on electronic dance music (EDM) in his response to 2012's internet-breaking, meme-generating "Harlem Shake": "I didn't want to be an EDM producer," he told The Guardian last year, "and I still don't want to be." I feel you, Harry — I didn't want to be writing about an EDM producer, and I still don't want to be. As if to prove whichever contraflow-lemming came up with IDM ("intelligent dance music") had a point, the vast majority of the genre — basically, raver marching orders photocopied beyond recognition — has made the term the most reviled e-word in music since emo. Luckily for Baauer (and for us), even "Harlem Shake," billion-viewed lit wick that it is, incorporates too much thrift-store panache (trap menace, those lion growls) to be sardined in with the "When will the bass drop?" parodies. (Spoiler: Every damn measure.) It's little more than a demo reel for his 2016 debut LP Aa (LuckyMe), which pulls together an impressive hip-hop posse (Future, Pusha T, M.I.A.) and pushes them out onto a neon-glowing, dry-ice skating rink. This month saw the release of "Fern Gully/Dumbo Drop," a collaborative 45 with Fool's Gold label head Alain Macklovitch, aka Kanye West foil A-Trak, the B-side to this A-list DJ set. Mannie Fresh opens to show the kids where it came from. Tickets $15-$35.

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