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At stake: Louisiana's future


The hotly contested U.S. Senate race tops the ballot across Louisiana this Tuesday, Nov. 4. Out-of-state interests have dumped millions into TV attack ads, most of which cloud the real issue in this race: Which candidate will best serve Louisiana? We think the answer to that question is obvious: Mary Landrieu.

  During her three terms in the Senate, Landrieu has proved time and again that she delivers for Louisiana. As chair of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, she oversees federal policies that are vital to Louisiana's economic future. She has led all efforts to help Louisianans recover from Hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Isaac, as well as the BP oil disaster. She has helped local governments (particularly law enforcement) get needed federal funds to better serve their constituents. Equally important, Landrieu led the fight to roll back draconian flood insurance rate increases, keep military bases open and secure billions for coastal restoration and flood protection. Her opponents' records pale in comparison.

  The stark reality is that Louisiana will always be one hurricane (or one oil spill) away from total economic ruin. We need someone with Landrieu's influence to convince Congress that Louisiana's fortunes are vital to America's fortunes. Louisiana cannot afford to replace a veteran like Landrieu with a powerless rookie. We strongly urge our readers to re-elect U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu. A vote against her is a vote against Louisiana's future.

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