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As Goes the Session, So Goes Jindal's PR


  The press will get a peek at Gov. Bobby Jindal's forthcoming biography and political manifesto as the state Legislature wraps up its annual session, according to the publicity director for the book. "Review copies of the book will not be available until late June," Kathleen Sweetapple of Regnery Publishing wrote in an email last week. With its $1 billion budget shortfall, the legislative session will test Jindal's leadership and political skills. Lawmakers and the administration will have to pass a balanced budget and reduce spending by June 21. While the book will likely grab headlines for Jindal around the country, due chiefly to his presidential posturing, the results of the session could significantly impact the national coverage — for good or ill. As for the title, which statewide media accounts labeled as a "placeholder" just last month, Sweetapple says the governor and his publishing team are indeed moving forward with On Solid Ground. The official release of the book, co-written by Hoover Institution research fellow Peter Schweizer, is scheduled for July 12, and many booksellers are offering pre-orders. — Jeremy Alford

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