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Arthur Morrell Pays Up


  Orleans Parish Clerk of Criminal District Court Arthur Morrell has kept the first "promise" of his re-election campaign. Morrell paid a $5,000 fine to the state ethics board on Nov. 30 — after the panel denied his recent request for a rehearing of a 2006 disciplinary case. Morrell says he has new evidence from the board's own files that will prove he did not use his former legislative office for personal gain. He is now pursuing relief through local courts. The ethics board offered no reason for refusing to rehear Morrell's case, says board staff attorney Alesia Ardoin, but added the matter has been reviewed at length. A Democrat, Morrell has two opponents in his Feb. 6 re-election campaign — political unknown Harold E. Weiser and David Nowak, a Republican with his own ethics issue. Nowak still owes the state a total of $120 for late filings of campaign finance disclosure reports from an unsuccessful legislative race in state House District 98. Nowak allegedly filed separate reports — one day late, records show. — Allen Johnson Jr.

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