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It's been called "predictably unpredictable" and for good reason: you never know what to expect. That goes double this year because the 2006 Louisiana Biennial at the Contemporary Arts Center is really the 2005 show that got cancelled because of a certain storm. Quirky as ever, the Biennial is also topical at times; for instance, Ulster expat Malcolm McClay's bonnie red barn turns out to be a CIA-style torture chamber when you look inside. And then there's Andrew Au's Bank of the Apocalypse counterfeit greenbacks, Srdjan Loncar's mind-bending photographic sculpture, Shae O'Brien's surreal metal candelabra-hunting trophies, Chris Jahncke's hypnotically dreamlike drawings and Jesse Greenberg's curiously cheesy junk sculpture. Put it all together and you have a uniquely quirky aesthetic gumbo -- a kind of Bayou Classic of the Beaux Arts. -- D. Eric Bookhardt

Through Dec. 2

Contemporary Arts Center, 900 Camp St., 528-3805;


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