Antoinette Davalos, owner of Baby’s Snack Box in Treme



Antoinette Davalos is the owner of Baby's Snack Box on Orleans Avenue in Treme.

 "Yeah, I guess I'm excited. I'm not sure if I'll use it because I'm not really from the area, so when I do travel, it's in a car. We may take a stroll, who knows?

  "It should help bring more business, people stopping by on their way. Maybe a quick drink, water, a soda, stuff like that. It's a possibility (that it will help develop the neighborhood), because you'll have a lot of different people visiting, traveling, and maybe they'll like the area and want to move in. The housing development has helped business.

  "I didn't really know much about [the Greenway]. I hear it through news or whatever, but I never really researched to see the whole plan of it or anything like that. No one really contacted me about it."

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• Antoinette Davalos, owner of Baby’s Snack Box in Treme

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