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Another Shelley Midura-Jay Batt Spat


  New Orleans District A City Councilwoman Shelley Midura, who is not running for a second term, threw her endorsement behind lawyer Susan Guidry during an event last Monday (Dec. 21) at Palmer Park. Guidry, the only Democrat in the race, is facing off against businesspeople Jay Batt and Virginia Blanque, both Republicans, and unaffiliated candidate Fred Robertson. In a statement, Midura said, "We can't change the way things are done in New Orleans politics if we keep sending the same old politicians back to City Hall." It was a barely disguised slap at Batt, who served on the council from 2002 to 2006 until Midura defeated him.

  Republicans would love to recapture the District A seat, which was a GOP stronghold in recent years until Midura's upset win in the 2006 runoff, a race marked by mud and nastiness. In endorsing Guidry, Midura couldn't resist a dig at her old foe: "I hope people do not sit back in their La-Z-Boys and let name recognition be the reason that they cast a vote," she said. In response, Batt invoked the holiday season. "Ms. Midura chose not to run for whatever reason. I'm not sure what that might be. But now she's getting back into the race by trying to hand-pick her successor. That's her call. That's her right. But during this time of year, it's not right," he said. — Kevin Allman

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