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Another Shea Opponent?


District A City Councilman Scott Shea may have several major opponents when he seeks a full term next February -- particularly in the wake of his recent statement distancing himself from the anti-third term effort. Shea edged out businessman Jay Batt in a special election last year, and Batt reportedly is itching to run again.

Now another businessman is considering the race -- 29-year-old Sal Palmisano, president of Parking Control Systems. Palmisano, a Republican, made news in recent months when his company "booted" cars on private property at the request of property owners.

Palmisano says his dealings with City Hall were "an eye-opener" for him. "People are tired of the 'business as usual' attitude that prevails here, and we're losing too many good people as a result," Palmisano says. He says he plans to raise at least $250,000 for the race, including $50,000 from his own pockets.

Palmisano says he was born and raised in Lakeview, which is Shea's stronghold, and he is a lifelong resident of District A. Both Shea and Batt are Republicans.

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