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... And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead


Everything about the 15-year veteran sextet Trail of Dead screams bloat: the Texas origins; the stage-conquering, dual-frontman, dual-drummer setup; the thick-as-a-brick, concept-smothered art rock; even the absurd ellipsis-led handle and brevity-challenged acronym (AYWKUBTTOD). Fans learned long ago to embrace all of it. Like the Mars Volta — perhaps the only working rockers with a more pretentious rep — and nothing at all like antithetical minimalists the Ramones, Trail of Dead has come to be defined by, and seemingly feeds off, the ever-expanding boundaries of its outsized ambition. The band's career highpoint, 2002's sprawling yet shockingly consistent Source Tags & Codes, now feels sprightly compared to the polarizing, creatively overbudget two follow-ups for Interscope. Tracked live, as opposed to the usual process of meticulous studio overdubs, The Century of Self (released in February on its own Richter Scale imprint) is something of a reboot — albeit a stage-conquering, thick-as-a-brick, concept-smothered, art-rocking one. Secret Machines and the Public open. Tickets $14 advance purchase, $16 door. — Noah Bonaparte Pais

... And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead

9 p.m. Sun., Sept. 13

Republic New Orleans, 828 S. Peters St., 528-8282;


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