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All in the Timing


It says something about the pluck of this community when a scruffy little upstart band of performers like the ones in the Actor's Theatre of New Orleans can bounce back from the troubled waters and wade back onto the boards. The Actor's Theatre, of all groups, appears to be leading the thespian charge back into the city by breaking out in Ives Ñ David Ives, that is. His 1994 off-Broadway comedy hit, All in the Timing , is a collection of six short stories in which the performers get to wrap their heads and mouths around witty banter and snappy wordplay. Director René Piazza (left) directs a cast that features the mercurial Stacy Taliancich (middle) and Vicki Lovelace. To refresh everyone's sloggy memories, the Actor's Theatre is located on the second floor of the WTIX-FM building before Target in Clearview Mall. Tickets $8 adults, $6 students/seniors.

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