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Three albums to watch from New Orleans artists


Three anticipated fall releases from New Orleans artists

Christian Scott
Stretch Music
The acclaimed jazz trumpeter and composer (and New Orleans Center for Creative Arts grad) named his latest release after his attempt to "stretch" jazz conventions. Album opener "Sunrise in Beijing" bangs a scattered trip-hop snare with a swooning flute and trumpet duet.

Heat Dust
Heat Dustv(The Flenser)
The New Orleans post-punk band (Jasper den Hartigh, Clayton Hunt, Christopher Stein and Shawn Tabor) unleash a loud, brooding and expressionist album under a humid blanket of Wipers and Joy Division.

Little Maker
The Salty Seas We Used To Know
Singer-songwriter Micah McKee's folk-rock 'n' roll outfit performs an album release show on Oct. 16 at Sidney's Saloon.

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