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Ain't She Tweet


  U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu has lagged behind her GOP counterpart, U.S. Sen. David Vitter, by one 21st-century metric: Twitter. He's been on it for quite a while (@DavidVitter); she hasn't. In July 2009, in response to a query from Gambit, a Landrieu spokesperson wrote, "The Senator is indeed on Facebook, Flickr and YouTube. However, there are no plans for the Senator to begin tweeting."

  Nevertheless, in mid-November, Landrieu gave in and joined Twitter under the handle @SenLandrieu. (Her brother, @MayorLandrieu, acknowledged the occasion with his own tweet: "She's doing great work in Washington, & she's my favorite senator. Do me a favor and follow her now on twitter.") So far the senator's feed has been typically moderate and policy-driven, emphasizing her support for adoption and extending middle-class tax cuts.

  Still, Landrieu's got a way to go to catch up, social-media-wise. As of press time, Landrieu had 712 followers, while Vitter was at 12,286. — Kevin Allman

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