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Ah, There's the Rub!


It may be a bit pricey, but then each bottle of Ray Simons Roses & Diamonds Age Erasing Facial Oil does contain a .06-carat, brilliant-cut diamond, which is said to intensify the effects of the vitamins and other anti-aging ingredients, allowing them to sink deeper into the skin — $250 at Bamboo Apothecary (4112 Magazine St., 895-1664).
Whether you massage them into your pressure points or use them in an oil diffuser to scent the room, these essential oils may just enhance your mood. Valerian, $54, is said to calm and reduce anxiety, and Damiana, $92, is said to increase circulation and libido. Buy 10-milliliter bottles at Duke Morgan (3607 Magazine St., 309-9394;
Infused grapeseed oils by Wildly Delicious Fine Foods are perfect for healthy everyday cooking. Cholesterol-free grapeseed oil is a good source of omega-6 ployunsaturated fatty acids. With a high smoke point, it's ideal for cooking, sauteing, grilling, roasting or as a salad oil — $9.50 at Belladonna (2900 Magazine St., 891-4393;






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