You can have your Journey/Styx/Foreigner reunions, your Dwight Yoakam comebacks, even (dare I say it) your Tom Jones smarmfests. For my money, this is the reason to check out the Gulf Coast casino entertainment scene. Beau Rivage has a nice set-up with the Russian producers of Red Dream and now Krasnaya, but for an even closer approximation of at least a few parts of the Cirque du Soleil experience, it might be worth checking out AGA-BOOM. That's not by coincidence; co-founders Dimitri Bogatirev and wife Iryna Ivanytska -- who form half the troupe -- toiled for several years as featured clowns in Cirque du Soleil, and bring with them a wealth of knowledge in the art of theatrical clowning. This often overlooked and underappreciated form includes excursions into such recognizable approaches as slapstick and physical comedy and mime work but also theatrical expressionism, poetry and the European avant-garde. The show has drawn rave reviews everywhere, and is fresh off a one-year tour of duty at The New Victory Theatre, New York's first year-round theater for children and families. Los Angeles Times critic Don Shirley called AGA-BOOM "The Blue Man Group meets Slava's Snowshow." We're game. Tickets $14.95-$19.95.

8 p.m. Wednesday-Sunday, July 27-31; 3 p.m. Saturday-Sunday, July 30-31; through Aug. 7

Grand Casino Biloxi, 265 Beach Blvd., Biloxi, Miss., (800) 946-2946 or (228) 436-2804;


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