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Abstract Realism: Dancing With Light -- Paintings by Ronna Harris



Most of us remember when water was our friend. That was when we mainly saw it in swimming pools and languorous baths, or from the perspective of bridges, beaches or boats, and not pouring through holes in our roofs or breaks in our hurricane levees, inundating our homes and neighborhoods. In her Dancing With Light show at Palma, Ronna Harris lovingly depicts water's contemplative aspect, in bubbling brooks and lily ponds, but for those of us who have seen enough wetness for awhile, there are lots of still life and figure studies as well. Known for her robustly delicate nudes and ethereal depictions of light in domestic interiors, she has of late focused on the surface of water in landscape compositions that border on abstraction. While rooted in the American Realist tradition, Harris notes that her paintings also "communicate a state of controlled chaos as I combine two divergent forces and approaches into my art: realism and abstract expression. By a proficient handling of light, a mastery of images and a skillful mark-making method, my paintings confer an illusion of reality ... ."

Through Nov. 28
Palma Gallery, 828 Howard Ave., 598-2276;


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