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A Spirited Way to Dine

Tales of the Cocktail's Spirited Dinner® Series combines Cocktails and Cuisine in perfect harmony

Arnaud's Spirited Dinner - PHOTO BY JENNIFER MITCHELL
  • Photo by Jennifer Mitchell
  • Arnaud's Spirited Dinner

In New Orleans cuisine and cocktails aren't just something we do on a night out. The city that created the Sazerac and has influenced the world with its rich cooking traditions, has come to be defined, in part, by what we put on our plates and in our glasses. At Tales of the Cocktail®, these two civic past times come together for the Tales of the Cocktail® Spirited Dinner® Series.

On the night of Thursday, July 21st, 25 local restaurants will host Spirited Dinners where the world's greatest mixologists will combine their skills with the city's best chefs, creating one-of-a-kind cocktail and cuisine pairings. Each multi-course meal is prepared specifically for this event with a special pairing of unique cocktails to bring out the flavors of each course.

"The Spirited Dinner® Series is a direct link to the heart and soul of New Orleans: it's chefs and restauranteurs, whose food and hospitality have made the city one of the worlds most beloved tourist destinations," said Jim Meehan, managing partner at PDT in New York and 2009 Spirited Award® Winner for American Bartender of the Year.

The Spirited Dinner® have been a part of Tales of the Cocktail® since its inaugural year, but unlike those before it, the 2011 Spirited Dinner® Series will each have their own special theme playing out with every course and cocktail. For example, at Dickie Brennan's Bourbon House, diners will explore the origins and modern takes on whisky punches prepared by mixologists Bridget Albert and Jeffrey Morgenthaler with Executive Chef Darin Nesbit.

Renowned New Orleans restaurateur Dickie Brennan has been a long time supporter of Tales of the Cocktail®, hosting several Spirited Dinners and Tales events throughout the years, including two dinners this year at Dickie Brennan's Steakhouse and Napoleon House. Brennan's constant support of Tales of Cocktail has made him a 2011 Tales of the Cocktail® Ambassador along with his business partner Steve Pettus.

Mix and Muddle away with gifts from Tales of the Cocktail Shop - PHOTO BY BRIAN HUFF
  • Photo by Brian Huff
  • Mix and Muddle away with gifts from Tales of the Cocktail Shop

"During Tales of the Cocktail®, drinks become culinary creations meant to be sipped and savored. The Spirited Dinner® Series take this to the next level," said Brennan. "Our chefs love working with the nation's cocktail masters to create a truly memorable dining experience."

To learn more about each themed dinner including detailed menus, visit If you are interested in attending any of the dinners listed, contact the restaurant directly to make your reservation. Seating is limited so make your reservations early.

2011 Tales of the Cocktail® Spirited Dinner® Series

a Mano

A Spirited Dinner® with the Tippling Brothers

Featured Mixologists Tad Carducci and Paul Tanguay with Chef Joshua Smith



American Sector

American Spirit

Featured Mixologist Rocky Yeh with Chef Todd Pulsinelli



Bourbon House

Whiskey Punches

Featuring Mixologists Bridget Albert and Jeffrey Morgenthaler with Chef Darin Nesbit


504- 274-1829

Eiffel Society

White Dinner

Featured Mixologists Dushan Zaric, Jason Kosmas, and Jeremy JF Thompson with Chef Jim Bremer



Feast New Orleans

A European Feast

Featured Mixologist Jackson Cannon with Chefs James Silk and Richard Knight



GW Fins

Left Coast vs. East Coast Libations

Featured Mixologists Anu Apte, Jackie Patterson, Jon Santer, Richie Boccato, Jason Littrell, Dave Shenaut, Marcos Tello, John Lermayer, Keith Waldbauer and Don Lee with Chef Tenney Flynn




The Magic of Sidney Frank

Featured Mixologists Todd Richman, Spencer Warren and Mark Stoddard with Chef Ian Schnoebelen




Gin and Juice

Featured Mixologist: Alex Ott

Chefs: Allison Vines-Rushing and Slade Rushing


504- 412-2580

The Grill Room

Exploring Whisky in Cocktails

Featured Mixologists Hal Wolin and Jonathan Pogash with Chef Drew Dzejak



To make your reservations, please call the restaurant. Limited seating available, so make your reservations today!

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