About Gambit 

Gambit Communications, Inc.

3923 Bienville St., New Orleans, LA 70119
(504) 486-5900
Operating Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Mon.-Fri.
Chairman: Clancy DuBos
President & CEO: Margo DuBos

Gambit Communications, Inc. is committed to creating a working environment that values honesty, trust, respect and teamwork with an emphasis on community involvement and fun.

Thirty-seven years ago the first issue of Gambit Weekly was published. Today, papers are distributed every week to over 300 locations throughout the metro New Orleans area. This locally owned newspaper is one of the most successful weeklies in the country, and the recipient of numerous annual awards for editorial and design achievement.

Gambit Staff & Contributors

President & CEO
Margo DuBos
Jeanne Exnicios Foster
Administrative Director
Mark Karcher


Fax: (504) 483-3116
Kevin Allman
Managing Editor
Kandace Power Graves
Political Editor
Clancy DuBos
Arts & Entertainment Editor
Will Coviello
Special Sections Editor
Katherine Johnson
Senior Writer
Alex Woodward
Staff Writer / Listings Coordinator
Kat Stromquist
Contributing Writers
D. Eric Bookhardt
Helen Freund
Della Hasselle
Robert Morris
Noah Bonaparte Pais
Contributing Photographers
Cheryl Gerber


Production Director
Dora Sison
Web & Classifieds Designer
Maria Vidacovich Boué
Assistant Production Director
Lyn Vicknair
Graphic Designers
David Kroll
Winnfield Jeansonne
Pre-Press Coordinator
Jason Whittaker


Advertising Director
Sandy Stein
(504) 483-3150 / Fax: (504) 483-3159 / sandys@gambitweekly.com
Sales Administrator
Michele Slonski
(504) 483-3140 / micheles@gambitweekly.com
Senior Sales Representatives
Jill Gieger
(504) 483-3131 / jillg@gambitweekly.com
Jeff Pizzo
(504) 483-3145 / jeffp@gambitweekly.com
Sales Representatives
Brandin DuBos
(504) 483-3152 / brandind@gambitweekly.com
Taylor Spectorsky
(504) 483-3143 / taylors@gambitweekly.com
Alicia Paolercio
(504) 483-3142 / aliciap@gambitweekly.com


Marketing Assitant
Eric Lencioni
(504) 483-3139 / ericl@gambitweekly.com


Billing Inquiries: (504) 483-3135
Assistant Controller
Maureen Tregre
Accounts Receivable Clerk
Paulette Aguilar
Administrative Assistant
Linda Lachin