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9 ways to treat Internet shopping addiction


Seek information

Reading about Internet shopping addiction can help those who have it recognize the signs and start the healing process.

Professional help

Talk to a licensed therapist or addiction specialist.

Group support

Shopaholics Anonymous, Debtors Anonymous, and Spenders Anonymous offer support. Calderon also suggests learning more about "simplicity circles," a social movement geared toward living a downsized, meaningful life.

Financial counseling

Mounting debt can be a source of stress that exacerbates overspending rather than curbs it. A financial advisor can devise a budget, and a credit counselor can help eliminate debt.


When there's a genetic predisposition to addiction or underlying issues of depression and anxiety, medication can be helpful.


Pay attention to emotions, recognize triggers and breathe consciously when you experience the urge to shop online. Work through the impulse without giving in to it.

Pursue other interests

To overcoming the cycle of addiction, cultivate hobbies, exercise, eat right, build relationships, reconnect to spirituality and be of service to others.

Be accountable

Because Internet shopping is often a solitary activity, Calderon suggests going shopping with someone else. Having an accountability partner can help you to be honest with yourself.

Limit access

Cutting up or canceling credit cards (shopping online is impossible without them), decreasing your credit card limit, installing software that blocks access to specific sites, and even giving control of your finances to a spouse, financial professional or other trustworthy individual can be useful stopgap measures.

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