Timeline: 30 years of Gambit

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Dec. 8

Gambit prototype issue published.


Feb. 15

Gambit begins weekly publication. Gary Esolen is editor and publisher; the office is at 1017 Pleasant St.

April 25

Gambit covers Jazz Fest.

Aug. 1

Gambit adds The Urbane Gourmet food section.

Aug. 8

Gambit announces its main competitor, Figaro, is out of business.

Dec. 12

Clancy DuBos' first Politics column looks at Sherman Copelin's bid for City Council in District E.


Jan. 9

Scuttlebutt debuts as a column for political gossip and inside stories.

Feb. 6

Rex Duke, Gambit's Mardi Gras critic, debuts.

April 17

Cayenne, a cartoon by Robert Landry, first appears.

July 10

The Gambit office moves to 840 N. Rampart St.

Oct. 30

Margo Jackson (Margo DuBos) joins Gambit as an account executive.


July 9

Gambit relocates to Maison Blanche building at 921 Canal St.


Jan. 7

Gambit 's first New Orleanian of the Year is Joseph Canizaro.

April 4

Ronnie Kole organizes and Gambit covers the first French Quarter Festival.

April 20

Count Basin joins Gambit as its Jazz Fest critic.


Nov. 10

Clancy DuBos writes his first "Winners & Losers" column (later to become "Da Winnas & Da Loozas," a feature of Gambit to this day.


June 7

Margo Jackson's name changes to Margo DuBos on the masthead.

June 23

Margo DuBos becomes publisher, and Errol Laborde is editor.

Oct. 18

The first "Best of New Orleans" reader's poll and Proscenium, a new theater column by Al Shea, are published.


Jan. 12

Blake Pontchartrain joins the staff as New Orleans' Know-It-All

April 12

Gambit announces its first Big Easy Entertainment Awards.

Sept. 13

Cartoonist Bunny Matthews joins the staff to draw Cayenne (and later Vic and Nat'ly).


June 13

Ronnie Virgets premieres a new column, Razoo (called Virgets in the new millennium).

July 11

Pierre DeGruy is named editor.


Feb. 13

Gambit moves to 4141 Bienville St.


Jan. 8, 1991

Real Astrology by Rob Brezsny premiers.

Feb. 26

Margo and Clancy DuBos, with two limited partners, buy Gambit from Landmark Communications, bringing the paper back to local ownership.

April 1

Clancy DuBos becomes editor.


Dec. 22,

Verandah, a new column by Don Lee Keith, replaces Ronnie Virgets' Razoo.


Sept. 21

Allen Johnson Jr. named editor. Clancy DuBos is editorial advisor.


Aug. 2

"The Annual Manual," a guide to who, what and where in New Orleans is published.


Jan. 31

Gambit moves to 3923 Bienville St. (where it still resides).


Jan. 1

Margo and Clancy DuBos amicably buy out their partners to become sole owners of Gambit.

April 2

Clancy DuBos is named editor again.

April 23

Gambit introduces its website.


Oct. 21

The first "40 Under 40" issue is published.


Aug. 11

Michael Tisserand is named editor.


June 8

Gambit holds its inaugural Wellness Expo.


Sept. 17

Gambit introduces Swizzle, a bar guide pullout.

Nov. 5

L'Image fashion magazine debuts.


Aug. 27

Gambit goes to press with its "Best of New Orleans 2005" issue and evacuates the office for Hurricane Katrina. After the levee failures, the Gambit building is inundated with several feet of water and the newspaper closes for nine weeks.

Nov. 1

First post-Katrina Gambit is published from a temporary office in Metairie. Clancy DuBos returns as editor.

Dec. 20

Bunny Matthews returns to Gambit with his cartoon Vic and Nat'ly


March 21

Gambit publishes its 25th anniversary issue.

April 11

Gambit returns to its renovated office at 3923 Bienville St.


March 27

CUE, a fashion, home and lifestyle magazine debuts.


July 29

Gambit's blog,, is launched.

Oct. 7

Kevin Allman is named editor.


July 7

Gambit debuts its new monthly Health + Wellness magazine. Bonaparte Pais' On the Record music column debuts


Jan. 26

Gambit introduces Ear to the Ground, its first local music compilation.

Feb. 16

Chris Rose joins Gambit with a weekly column, Rose Colored Glasses.

Nov. 16

Gambit announces Clancy DuBos will begin Clancy's Commentary on WWL-TV.

Dec. 28

Gambit publishes its 30th anniversary issue.


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