3 Local Long—distance Bike Courses


Pat Horchoff with Crescent City Randonneurs picks his favorite long-distance routes in (and out of) the city limits. But heed his advice before you dust off the Huffy: "It's recommended you don't ride in an event that's more than 30 percent longer than the longest bike ride you've ever done."


  "The path is 21 and five-eighths miles long. If I want to do a century, I (do) three round trips on it. You don't have to worry about traffic, just worry about joggers and dogs. You've got the bayou on one side and people's backyards on the other. Plenty of scenery."


  "Take the Wisner (Trail) out to the Lakefront, take the Lakefront to the Seabrook Bridge, continue to Hayne (Boulevard), take a right on Paris (Road) going to I-10, back to Read (Boulevard), back to Paris, and take the bridge across to St. Bernard, and take the parish road or head back on St. Claude (Avenue)."


  "I have a permanent 212 km that goes from Tchoupitoulas Street along the levee and River Road to LaPlace, turns on old Highway 51. We take that to Ponchatoula, get a bite to eat and retrace our steps coming back. Three of us are going to ride that course tomorrow."

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