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2006 Valle Perdido Malbec

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Patagonia, Argentina / $10-$13 Retail</p>


The influx of great value wines from Argentina continues with this vibrant, full-bodied Malbec, showcasing beautiful, mature fruit and even-toned tannins. Aged in French oak casks for nearly a year, the award-winning, well-balanced wine offers intense aromas of black and red fruits with hints of violets, coffee and chocolate. On the palate, expect concentrated dark plum, red currants, blackberries, toasty oak notes, a glimmer of minerality and good acidity. Decant for optimum results, and drink it with roast quail or venison, slow-cooked lamb shank, braised beef and firm cheeses. Buy it at: Swirl Wines, Dorignac's and W.I.N.O. Drink it at: W.I.N.O. — Brenda Maitland


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