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2005 Red Dress Run



Not to pound New Orleans cliches into the ground or anything, but if anyone in this town can find a reason to start up a party, you can be guaranteed it'll happen. There's also an affinity for a little cultural context to quaff and what-not, which is what makes the annual Red Dress Run such a fun gig. The run is sponsored by the local affiliate of the Hash House Harriers, who trace their roots to 1938, when British soldiers stationed in Kuala Lumpur tried to find a way to purge the corned beef and beer they'd consumed. Considering that the trick to living in New Orleans is finding that happy medium between binge and purge, you can see the connection, no? The local Hash House Harriers, known as the club "for drinkers with a running problem," will don red garb and set about on their running/walking/drinking party route that is marked by blobs of flour. (If you fall behind, listen for the "on, on!" hollers.) The "race" will be led by a "hare" named Butt Gravy. (Don't ask.) After what sounds like the best pub crawl of the season, the hashers will stop somewhere for a party with dinner, music and dancing.

11 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 13

One Eyed Jacks, 615 Toulouse St., 899-HASH;


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