Dining in New Orleans is its own geography lesson. And we can't think of a better divining rod for dining than our annual Fall Restaurant Guide, sorted by neighborhood to provide you with your own cuisine compass.

It's harder than you think. Restaurants, particularly this year, frequently undergo some change of address or another -- some close, others expand, some up and move from one location to another. But also, in a city that is defined as much by where you live as how you live, defining restaurants by neighborhood provides its own unique perspective. So whether you're downtown or Uptown, on the West Bank or in Eastern New Orleans, or driving across the bridge to the Northshore (or beyond), we not only know what to eat, but where to eat.

Speaking of a sense of direction, you may also want to check out Sara Roahen's profile of Southern food expert John T. Edge, who has just completed books on fried chicken and apple pie, in our A&E section.


Dollar signs after restaurant descriptions reflect the average price for a dinner entree:

$ -- $5 to $10

$$ -- $11 to $20

$$$ -- $21 or more

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