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13 Foods For Healthy Skin


1. Acerola cherries — High in vitamin C, which fights skin damage and wrinkles, plus they help build the structural protein collagen in the skin.

2. Almonds — These nuts are rich in vitamin E, which moisturizes dry skin, and antioxidants, which protect against skin damage and aging.

3. Avocados — Contain essential oils and B vitamins, including niacin (B3), an anti-inflammatory that soothes dry, irritated or red, blotchy skin.

4. Cottage cheese — Contains selenium, which maintains cell health, and when teamed with vitamin E it helps prevent dandruff and skin cancer.

5. Freshwater fish — Salmon, herring, snapper, anchovies and other freshwater fish are high in Omega 3 oils, which contain astaxanthin, a fat-soluble antioxidant that is stored in your cells, helps repair damage and protects skin from sunburn.

6. Mangoes — Packed with vitamin A (one contains 80 percent of your daily requirement), which repairs skin cells and is an antioxidant that fights premature aging of the skin.

7. Mushrooms — Provide riboflavin (vitamin B2) which promotes tissue maintenance and repair, such as after sunburns, wounds or surgery, and improves skin problems caused by rosacea.

8. Oysters — High in zinc, which boosts elastin production to help the skin keep its shape. It also regulates the production of sebum, thus helping to prevent pimples.

9. Potatoes — Baked, not fried, give you most of the copper you need in a day, which along with vitamin C and zinc, helps maintain a healthy structure in the skin and bolsters its ability to heal.

10. Pumpkin seeds — Provide zinc, which maintains the integrity of skin cells and helps speed regeneration of skin damaged by injuries such as cuts and scrapes.

11. Raw vegetable juice — Makes skin radiant and helps generate new skin cells.

12. Shellfish — Same as pumpkin seeds.

13. Water — Clean, pure water helps keep skin hydrated and supple and washes toxins from your system.

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