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006 Vina Fuentenarrro Crianza

Ribera del Douro, Spain


$17 Retail

Besides the varietal, place of origin and vintage, Spanish wines are defined by length of aging prior to release. Crianza is the legal designation for wines aged a minimum of two years, with at least six months in oak, and American oak is most common. This wine is made from tempranillo, the classic Spanish red grape, and it aged for one year in oak — any further barrel aging would be too much. The result is oak overtones and the taste of cherry, anise, blackberries and scents of vanilla and leather. The wine is well balanced and has a long fruit finish. Decant an hour before serving for best flavor. Drink it with roasted or grilled meats, fowl and game, pizza, paella and hardy cheeses. Buy it at: Cork & Bottle Drink it at: Herbsaint, Dijon, Salu, Rambla and Loa.

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